Medical Supplies

Automated Labelling Pharma Labellers

image Batches of pharmaceutical and medical products in ampoules, tubes, vials and small boxes need precise handling during
labelling. Codeway offers the superlative pharma package handling and labelling machines from LSS, the former Avery Dennison machine division, for these applications.

Codetrack automatically orders medical supplies for hospital wards

imageA hospital supplies company was using handheld computers to record replenishment orders on the wards, but their system for sending the data was too slow, and sometimes delayed deliveries.

Codetrack supplies healthcare treatment centres on schedule

image A healthcare supplier needed to set up a just in time delivery system to serve several new PFI treatment centres from its warehouse. Codetrack linked to the appointments schedule to deliver items for each treatment in time.

Box Feeder and Labeller

FeederDetail125x99 This labeller feeds cut box blanks and boxes up to 19mm high at rates up to 900 per minute.

Automated Labelling for Production Processes


image You may need special labelling heads when you have to print labels and apply them to items during production. Codeway has developed a variety of such heads to work within the confines of processing machinery. Applications include plastic mouldings, wooden profiles, and packaging film.

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