Codetrack Warehouse

Codetrack Warehouse

image Codetrack Warehouse automates warehouse and distribution centre operations.  Codeway builds systems that support the precise processes customers want to follow. Results are maximum returns today and future flexibility.

Codetrack Lot Codes

image Codetrack systems identify everything they track with unique lot codes. Think of them as SSCC numbers, €œlicence plates€, or lot numbers at auctions. Lot codes enable Codetrack to manage movements, control quality, monitor perishables, record waste, audit containers, track returnable assets, and provide full traceability.

Codetrack Goods In

image Codetrack Goods In integrates with customers' business systems. It identifies products against purchase orders and advance shipping notices (ASN), and checks for products to cross dock. It also allows for unscheduled deliveries and returns.

Codetrack QC

image Codetrack allows goods to be put on QC hold and for QC pass and fail transactions. Customer specific QC inspection and test routines can be added. When a product is on QC hold it cannot be picked.

Codetrack Putaway

image Codetrack supports several types of putaway, according to user definable business rules. The aim is to ensure 100% accuracy. Codetrack can apply business rules that direct the putaway operation. The business rules can check that the location is suitable for the product

Codetrack Counting and Perpetual Inventory

image The Codetrack Counting and Perpetual Inventory module enables several types of stock count using flexible criteria. It generates stock transactions and eliminates the need for periodic stock takes of the whole warehouse.

Codetrack Picking

image Codetrack Picking controls picking by wave and pick list. It can provide for several types of picking including bulk, by date, pallet building, split, combined, pick and pack, pick and label, and kitting.

Codetrack Marshalling

image Codetrack supports order staging, marshalling, and load assembly prior to despatch. The process involves scanning all pallets, cages and other containers so that Codetrack can identify any shortages and display their status.

Codetrack Packing and Labelling

image Codetrack systems are able to support a variety of packing and labelling procedures: e.g. serial number tracking, advice note printing, individual product labelling, single item bagging and labelling, multi-item boxing and labelling, kitting, weighing, volumetrics, outer pack labelling, pallet labelling.

Codetrack Loading and Despatch

image Codetrack supports loading of vans, trailers, lorries and ships.  The system can generate electronic and printable load manifests and despatch notes, together with stock movement and billing transactions.

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