Codetrack eliminates labelling defects on automotive components

FuelPipeIDA leading manufacturer of fuel pipes and air lines has all but eliminated labelling defects from its supplies to vehicle manufacturers. Codeway helped the company select the best terminals and software for the job.

Codetrack automatically orders medical supplies for hospital wards

imageA hospital supplies company was using handheld computers to record replenishment orders on the wards, but their system for sending the data was too slow, and sometimes delayed deliveries.

Codetrack gets exam papers out in time to more than 100 countries

imageWhy an organisation supplying exam papers to 100 countries needed hand held computers at its distribution centre. The organisation had installed SAP to handle orders but it also needed to track the exam papers themselves.

Codetrack despatches charts to ships' Captains

imageA very large distributor of navigational and maritime information is using hand held computers to improve its service to shipping companies. Codeway's warehouse operations control system ensures complete accuracy.

Codetrack captures vehicle survey data at shipping terminals

image An intercontinental vehicle shipping company was unable to distribute accurate inspection records to its customers quickly enough. Codeway's solution was to automate data capture with its vehicle inspection survey system and provide a web portal for clients to access their records..

Codetrack checks labels on fresh fruit packed at source worldwide

imageTo cope with the huge demand for apples from a large retailer, the importer decided to pack at source near its orchards round the world €“ but the question was how would they ensure the labels were correct and in compliance with GS1 standards?

Codetrack accesses Unix warehouse functions

imageA global consumer electronics company needed mobile access to the warehouse functions in its Unix system at its UK distribution centre. Codeway set up TwinClient terminal emulation software on hand held computers.

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