High volume mail order bag labelling

imageFor high volume mail order and e-commerce fulfilment, it pays to automate bagging and labelling. Codeway have installed labellers on several bagging machines. Codeway’s real time system scans the barcode, looks up order data, prints and applies a label, and checks it is properly applied.

Checkrite scans jam at high speed

imageThe Codeway Checkrite controller on a jam filling line monitors the bar codes numbers read by a high speed scanner to ensure that the correct label is on every jar. The movies show jam jars after labelling. The blue scanner reads the barcodes as they pass at speed and pass them to Checkrite to match.

Fixed Barcode Readers

image Codeway selects the best fixed barcode reader for hands free use or automatic reading. Applications include item identification in automated labelling and packaging systems, volumetrics, and barcode validation.

Automated Labelling Mail Order Bagging

image High volume mail order operations receive orders, pick the items, bag them, then hand the bags to parcel carriers for delivery. Getting the right label on every bag is absolutely vital. The problem is you don't know what's in a bag.

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