Avery Dennison LA-SO swing on label applicator


LA-SO is an optional applicator for Avery Dennison’s ALX 924/925/926 print apply engines.

The LA-SO is a swing arm with vacuum pad, pneumatics, controlbox and mounting-plate.

After an ALX prints and dispenses a self-adhesive label, the LA-SO vacuum pad picks up the label and swings it onto the product.

Application positions


Top and Side labelling

image For top and side labelling, the LA-SO label-pad touchs the product and the movement of
the product applies the label.

The pressure-roller on the LA-SO guarantees good adhesion of the label to the product surface.

Front labelling

image For front labelling, the whole label pad touches the product.

The swing-arm moves into position before the product arrives. When the product touches the swing-arm, the label is applied, and the arm swings back to its home position. The arm moves in the same direction as the conveyor, avoiding the risk of damaging the applicator or the product.

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Avery LA-SO Swing on applicator

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