Codeway Automated Identification and Tracking systems

image Codeway builds completely automated systems for identifying, labelling, and tracking products, cartons and pallets.

Every Codeway automated identification and labelling system performs some or all of these functions:

1. Identify and track items and lots

Use bar codes, 2D codes and RFID to identify items and lots, and track them along the line.

2. Capture lot and batch data

Simplify, automate, or eliminate label data entry for operators.

3. Print and apply labels

Automatically label products, packs, outers, and pallets on one, two or three sides with variable data and formats.

4. Integrate with production lines

Control conveyors and diverters, and interface with production line equipment and packaging machines.

5. Integrate with IT systems

Integrate with IT systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, to access data and log results. Use NiceLabel Enterprise packages and/or Codeway application software.

6. Control printing on multiple lines in many locations

Send label formats and data from a central point to several printers and applicators on multiple lines. Groups control printing at multiple sites. Web labelling is available for companies with many locations, or suppliers, to control printing on local printers with web browsers

7. Track and trace

Track goods from end of line to despatch and onwards to delivery.

Codeway Automated Labelling systems

imageCodeway application software integrates with order processing and scheduling systems.

Customers can drive printers and print engines with automatic or handheld bar code readers, RFID readers, and industrial touch screen terminals.

Our automated labelling systems use Avery Dennison print engines with standard apply heads or special ones we develop and configure for the product.

We use NiceLabel for easy to use forms for capturing job codes and batch numbers, database access, and wysiwyg label images on screen for checking.

NiceLabel Enterprice provides direct integration of labelling with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other business system databases is available.


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