Codetrack Putaway

image Codetrack supports several types of putaway. The aim is to ensure 100% accurate records of products in each location.

Putaway process

The basic process is:

  • Scan pallet or lot to putaway
  • Scan location
  • Scan product code to validate location record.

Business rules

Codetrack can apply business rules that direct the putaway operation to a:

  • Bulk location.
  • Pick location needing replenishment.

Bulk locations can be operator selected, or system directed with operator override.

The business rules can check that the location is suitable for the product on the basis of type, weight, dimensions, proximity to pick location, etc.

Double stage putaway in narrow aisles

Codetrack can support double stage putaway using deposit and pick up locations in a warehouse with narrow aisles.


The operator can signal when a system directed location is already full, to get an alternative putaway location.

This will also trigger a procedure to identify the incorrect pallet or lot, track back to its recorded location, and so on as far back as necessary to correct any chain of errors.

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