Codetrack Cross Docking

image Codetrack Cross Docking eliminates unnecessary putaway and picking and speeds up deliveries.

The Goods In module checks customer orders and pre-booked orders for pallets, cartons or products that can be cross docked to packing or marshalling for direct shipment.

The workflow for Codetrack Cross Docking is configurable to each customer’s processes.

Codetrack generates bar coded routing labels as required.

When part of a pallet or container is cross docked, Codetrack routes the remainder to putaway.


Codeway produces Codetrack application software to integrate the use of barcodes and mobile data with your business processes and computer systems in the most effective way.


To discuss Codetrack applications for your organisation, please email or call Katy Cocker on +44 (0) 1206 751300.

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