Unify your supply chain labelling over the web


Labelling is one of the cornerstones of supply chain optimisation.

When every single shipment comes in with the same standard labels and advance notifications then you can handle everything automatically.

it doesn’t matter if it’s a pallet of apples, a ton of meat, or mixed products in cartons.

Retailers and car manufacturers know this and benefit hugely from it with highly flexible supply chains. Now you can too.

Standard labelling and advance notification?

You can order any goods from any supplier for immediate delivery over the internet, but how do you ensure they all have the same standard labels?

Online shipment labelling

The answer is to put your shipment labelling system online, so you can request unified labelling from all your suppliers.

They can print labels with your data on their printers straight from their browsers as soon as you place your order.

The process is as simple as clicking a button on the Internet.

Too good to be true?

Not at all. Standard web labelling software is now available.

Our Codetrack Logistics software will support your data capture and control processes in a complete system.


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