The Top and Bottom of Bap and Bannock Labels

TopBottom475x783Bagged products, such as baps and bannocks from craft bakeries in Scotland, come in all shapes and sizes.

Some packs, such as bakery products in bags, need a product label on top of the bag and an ingredients label on the bottom.

A good solution is to apply the contents label from below through a gap in the conveyor line, while applying the product label on top.

In this example, the top ALX 924 labeller is on a powered telescopic support that moves up and down between batches to position the apply head for the next product.

Last label print and apply makes the system ideal for small batch production down to individual items.

Codeway supplies software to drive the two printers simultaneously from a single command so that the two labels always match.

Telescopic Hoist

To cater for frequent product height changes the top labeller moves up and down on a telescopic hoist. As this movie shows, it’s easy to adjust.

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This movie shows a top and bottom labeller for a Scots baker just before shipment.

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