Smart printers check sequences in stillages


Manufacturers need to check parts they despatch to just in time production lines are in exactly the right sequence.

Barcode Solution

By scanning a unique barcode on each item into a smart printer warehousemen can ensure that all are present and in the correct sequence in a stillage or container before the shipment label is printed.

The label can contain a two-dimensional bar code encoded with the individual ID numbers or product codes of all items packed inside.

Smart printers at each cell or the end of the production lines print each item’s unique ID labels. The printer program creates a production record for each item.

The unique ID number links to the production schedule from the customer’s assembly plant.

Quality Control will release the item for despatch by scanning its ID and confirming all requirements are met.

Alternatively, the ID label can be printed after Quality Control.

Webasto case study – 100% shipment accuracy

The Webasto Roof System case study in the Intermec Smart Printing White Paper credits smart printing as a major factor in the plant attaining 100 percent shipment accuracy.

This eliminated £125,000 per annum in fines and the costs of resolving shipping errors resolution.

Now when each sunroof passes quality control it receives a bar code label with a unique ID number and is loaded into a rack for shipping to the customer.

When the rack is complete, a warehouseman scans each barcode label in turn with a scanner interfaced to a smart printer which downloaded the customer’s order and sequence requirement.

If all the sunroofs in the rack belong to the order, and are in the correct sequence, the printer automatically generates a shipping label. If not, it alerts the operator. 

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Intermec Smart Printing White Paper

Smart printing implementation

Codeway have many years experience implementing smart printing across industries including automotive, food, logistics and mail distribution. We provide the complete solution: print programs such as Intermec Fingerprintinfo; barcode data capture; integration with scales, PLCs and process controls; database triggers and procedures; server programs and enterprise software integration; production logs and reports.


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