Smart label printing for automotive ingots


To meet its customers’ demands and its own quality control standards, a supplier of metals to automotive component manufacturers needed to identify every ingot with a label showing the product type, alloy, weight and its unique ID number.

Today each smart printer automatically queries an electronic scale to retrieve ingot weight immediately after production. It prompts the operator to enter additional label information on a keyboard, generates a unique identification number as it prints the label, and writes a record to the manufacturing database.

Operational advantages

  • Intermec smart printers have enough input/output options and processing power to keep PCs away from smelting operations.
  • The printers are more durable and reliable than typical PCs in such a difficult conditions.
  • Production staff can support the system without involving the IT department.

Eliminating errors

In future the printer will be able to eliminate operator entry, and all its potential mistakes, by capturing data directly from the process control system.

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Intermec Smart Printing White Paper

Smart printing implementation

Codeway have many years experience implementing smart printing across industries including automotive, food, logistics and mail distribution. We provide the complete solution: print programs such as Intermec Fingerprintinfo; barcode data capture; integration with scales, PLCs and process controls; database triggers and procedures; server programs and enterprise software integration; production logs and reports.


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