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image15 April 2008 “The goods were absolutely fresh, frozen, functioning etc when we sent them – i.e. in perfect condition,” says the manufacturer. Yet when the recipient received the goods they were damaged,  decomposed, rusty etc. In other words, they could no longer be used. How, where and when could that happen? The different partners in the transport chain all blame each other, the culprit cannot be found.

What happened?

Such a scenario in national and particularly international freight / goods traffic is now a thing of the past. Until now a bar code was used to identify goods which really only included the “static data”. Now, the use of totally new RFID radio frequency labels with sensors opens up unimagined opportunities in transport / freight monitoring and this without any gaps – from the sender to the recipient.

RFID and Sensor technologies

With the continual development of RFID technology and the merging with modern sensor technology, RFID is experiencing considerable added value. The user in the automatic identity process can now, comfortably and relatively cost efficiently, establish, besides the usual identification and item tracing, also the condition of the goods (e.g. collision/acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure etc).


For this, the RFID data carriers are fitted with an additional sensor. With passive RFID systems the sensor can now also be read with a scanner – parallel to recording and identification. This enables the user to receive, at the “touch of a button”, the identification and (!) information on the condition of his goods.

ScemTag features

The ScemTag can also optionally be fitted with a battery or rechargeable battery and this even transforms the tag to a highly complex data recorder with its own operating system.

The sensor data can now be periodically recorded during transport and read from the data storage during identification at the end destination.

The LED display also shows if a set maximum value has been exceeded, even without the reading process – unsuitable transport conditions can, for example, be optically signalled, also with the time these were reached.

Scemtec is currently the only company which offers a complete system on the market consisting of a contactless ISO 15693info RFID – data recorder / sensor transponder in connection with an RFID antenna and scanner.


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