Rhinos boost speed and accuracy at Pall-Ex

Codeway dramatically increases accuracy at Pall-Ex with Datalogic Mobile truck terminals and long range scanners.

Founded in 1996, Pall-Ex is now the No. 1 pallet distribution network in the UK.

It enjoys the best facilities in the industry and a strong European network.

Pall-Ex has access to over 6,500 vehicles and more than five million square feet of warehousing space in the UK and Europe.

Pall-Ex's core business is the cost-effective delivery of small consignments of palletised freight throughout the UK.

Each night Pall-Ex cross-docks over 7,000 time-critical consignments. This places considerable demands on both their staff and IT systems.

A robust solution

Pall-Ex were using a scanner that was physically mounted to the fork of a forklift truck. The plan was to drive up, insert the forks, and scan the barcodes on the labels as they lifted the pallets, but the result was less than 50% first-time scan accuracy.

Pall-Ex asked Codeway to find a robust solution to deal with constantly high volumes of work.

Working closely with Pall-Ex's IT team, Codeway equipped the fork lift trucks with Datalogic Mobile Rhino-NET™ terminals and Symbol long range hand held scanners.

The rugged Datalogic Mobile Rhino-NET™, vehicle mounted RF terminals integrate with Pall-IT, the bespoke pallet logistics system.

Now the truck drivers scan the pallet labels and their Rhino-NET™ terminals transmit their code numbers over a real time RF network to the Pall-IT system.

This solution provides critical consignment location data, and also ‘scan timestamps' enabling Pall-Ex to historically review all operational non-conformances.

Dramatic results

Since the introduction of the Datalogic Mobile Rhino-NET™ terminals, scanning accuracy has shot up from 50% to a very much more satisfactory 99%.

Sean Sherwin Smith, IT Director of Pall-Ex, says: "Operating 37 fork lifts all using the Datalogic Mobile Rhino-NET™ terminals supplied by Codeway, we have seen a dramatic increase in the accuracy of scanning through the hub”.

“Why did we choose Datalogic Mobile? As a trusted partner, Codeway gave us access to various solutions and actively worked with us to find the best fit for our operation".

Industry: Transport & Logistics
Application: Cross Docking

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