Pallet Labelling

PLU_S475x351Codeway pallet labellers print and apply labels on one, two or three sides of single or double stacked pallets.

1. Capability

For stationary pallets Codeway is able to provide machinery that automatically labels one two or three sides.

All these machines provide complete flexibility of pallet label design including the international standard SSCC pallet bar code.

For moving pallets, please contact us at Codeway.

2. Process integration

Machines are provided with environmental enclosures providing the protection needed in the harshest factory environment.

They have full controls to integrate with pallet wrapping and pallet despatch processes.


3. Barcode validation

Bar codes are automatically scanned after labelling providing complete security that all pallets are identified correctly.

4. Simple installation

In some situations the labelling station needs to be well away from collecting fork lift trucks.

The "swing" pallet labeller is available with the facility to label one or two sides of the pallet.

5. IT System integration

A key labelling issue is the correct identification of pallet contents - which line it came from, product code, etc.

Codeway provides the complete system including all necessary controls, and system software to integrate SAP and other host systems.


Please email or call Kathy Jolly and Barry Day +44 (0) 1206 751300

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