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NiceLabel Suite includes NiceLabel Pro, the award winning label designer, together with all the tools you need to set up label printing for production.

  • NiceLabel Suite handles all types of business label printing requirement: shopfloor operation, standalone and mobile printing.
  • NiceLabel Suite enables you to comply with GS1 and other industry bar code and RFID standards.
  • The NiceForm module makes it easy for operators to enter data and access databases in a reliable way
  • The NiceWatch module automates label printing using database and other triggers to print data directly from your business applications.
  • NiceLabel helps you streamline your business processes

When you need to integrate label printing even more closely with your business processes Codeway will provide the scripts and programs you need.

All the modules are listed below with links to their web pages. The diagram above shows how they work together (click on it to enlarge).

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NiceLabel Pro

imageNiceLabel Pro a powerful, easy-to-use yet advanced label designer, with powerful features covering every labelling requirement.

It includes complete database support, user and document security, and a wealth of integration options.

Among its multitude of features, NiceLabel:

  • supports all industry-standard bar codes, including 2-D
  • has multiple options for check-digit calculation
  • provides pre-designed  industry-specific templates: chemical, automotive, etc.
  • performs automatic bar code validation control

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Operators printing labels on the shop floor can easily make mistakes if the data entry procedures and screens are too complicated.

This is where NiceForm - a generator of customisable input forms - steps in. Simplicity itself.

Advanced features include database connectivity, label preview, and linked forms.

The generated forms are used as stand-alone Windows applications and require no additional training to master.

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Printing pre-designed labels is an easy task with NicePrint - a simple and efficient printing application that provides a pre-designed NiceForm type application.

Create labels once and print them anywhere on the network with NicePrint. 

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When you need to automate printing NiceWatch, a powerful data detection module, is a great solution that avoids expensive programming.

Acting as a device controller (middleware) on a Windows PC, NiceWatch sends data to the printers from multi-operating system environments - Unix, AS/400, Windows, etc. - and complex applications - ERP, WMS, etc.

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A powerful database manager allows the user to create and edit database tables and import data from text files to database tables. Maintain your customer or product database the easiest way possible.

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NicePrintQueue is a print job manager module that allows you to check the real-time status of all network and local printers you use.

Even more, you can move your print jobs between printers with simple drag-and-drop action and print your labels on other available printers.

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Use NiceMemMaster to download TrueType fonts and graphics to a printer's internal memory.

It will boost printing performance from NiceLabel and allow any other application to use selected fonts and graphics.

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Pocket NiceLabel

mc55_75x53 Pocket NiceLabel enables Windows CE compatible computers and terminals to print barcode labels on any type of thermal printer that is supported by the NiceLabel printer drivers.

Codeway will integrate Pocket NiceLabel with a complete mobile data capture system for production and logistics.

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NiceLabel Enterprise

When you have many lines and several sites look at NiceLabel Enterprise and NiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector for SAP, Oracle, IBM and other database systems including Microsoft.

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SAP R/3 Printing

NiceLabel label design formats can be exported to SAP Script compatible files and uploaded to an SAP R/3 system. The labels are then printed from the SAP application without any further interaction with NiceLabel.

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Complete Labelling and Tracking systems

Codeway uses NiceLabel in integrated labelling and tracking systems for finished goods and logistics.

Examples: food packaging and distribution, point of sale labelling at distribution centres, high volume mail order packaging.

Codeway Automated Identification and Tracking Systems


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