Motorola WT4000 wearable computer

 wt4000 Arm yourselves for hands-free mobile computing with the Motorola WT4000 Wearable Terminal.

This rugged device will allow you to achieve maximum productivity and accuracy with voice compatibility for streamlined warehouse and package handling functions.

Key benefits

  • imageFreedom of movement and workflow increases productivity.
  • Real-time feedback mproves picking accuracy and eliminates manual data entry errors.
  • Maximum application flexibility: barcode, voice,
    barcode and voice.


RS309 Wearable Scanner


Part of the WT4000 series wearable system, the RS309 provides accurate scanning and increases productivity.

Hands-free scanning
Back-of-the-hand design frees operator's hands to move packages, products or materials, improving efficiency and productivity.

SE1224HP scan engine
Fuzzy logic decoding algorithms provide premium scanning for all one-dimensional codes including poorly printed, damaged or low-contrast bar codes

RS409 Ring Scanner

imageScanning at your fingertips, the RS409 Ring Scanner can be worn on the finger or over a gloved hand.

Part of the WT4000 Series Wearable System, the RS409 provides comfort and high-performance scanning when handling and scanning items all day long.

RS507 Wearable Imager


Symbol RS507 hands free corded and cordless imagers achieve a new levels of productivity in package handling and warehouse operations.

Stunning laser-like performance on both 1D and 2D bar codes.

Omnidirectional scanning means no need to align bar code and scanner.

PDF Download

WT4000 datasheet

WT4000 applications brief

RS309 wearable scanner spec sheet

RS409 ring scanner spec sheet

RS507 spec sheet


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