MultiMobile Applications

Codeway Honeywell Dolphin 7600It's time for a change when your front line staff are bogged down with paperwork.

Higher productivity

You can cut most of this out on site and in the field with a Codeway MultiMobile system.

Now you’ll see what's going on, delays will fall, and productivity will rise typically by 15% to 30% or more.

Better processes

Sound too good to be true? We're using the award winning MobileFrame platform US industry and government organisations are using in increasing numbers. Even UEFA used it to keep track of all the equipment they needed to bring you Euro 2008.

Now we've applied it to our Codetrack intercontinental vehicle and cargo shipping system used at ports round the world.

We simply map the way you want your business processes to work on to PC and PDA screens and set up a backend server to integrate with your current systems.

Here's a list of some MobileFrame applications. You'll find Boeing, the US Navy and Federal Agencies, and all sorts of industrial and service companies. Your company could be on the list too.

MultiMobile List


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