How smart label printers zap errors and save time


Smart label printers have application programs that can check for mistakes before printing a label.

Smart printers control business processes

  • They get order line details from your database and match them to product codes operators scan.
  • They take inputs from PLCs to ensure parts are correctly produced.
  • They read weights from electronic scales and convert to quantities to match to orders.
  • They log every event and add transaction records to your database.
  • When everything is correct they print product labels and shipping labels.

Automatic operation

Smart printers on a network can monitor each other and even take over to avoid delays when a printer runs out of labels or stops for any reason. When you have large volumes of product, Codeway can add automatic applicators to replace manual labelling and minimise operating costs.

Smart mobile labelling

Smart mobile printers have all the advantages of their desktop cousins and enable people to print labels and tickets on the move.

Typical applications:

Warehouse1_09_067_200Receiving and Putaway: storemen label pallets and batches of goods as they receive them. Forklift drivers label them as they put them away. Removes bottlenecks in the receiving area, provides positive identification and enables traceability.

Cross Docking: labelprinting at receiving is especially effective for cross-docking, for delivery to production cells for just-in-time manufacturing, and for distributing consignments as rapidly as possible for picking, packing and despatch.

Picking and Packing: mobile printing is often a good solution for labelling cartons and containers, and the products themselves when necessary to prevent subsequent misidentification and packing errors.

Manufacturing: work in progress tracking labels and batch production labels with automatic lot code generation for tracking and traceability.

Quality Control: pass, reject and rework labels with detailed results scanned from a barcode menu. 

Six Sigma performance

Smart label printers help you drive out errors, drive up productivity and drive down costs - enabling you to achieve Six Sigma performance levels.

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Intermec Smart Printing White Paper

Intermec Mobile Printing White Paper

Smart printing implementation

Codeway have many years experience implementing smart printing across industries including automotive, food, logistics and mail distribution.

We provide the complete solution: print programs such as Fingerprintinfo for Intermec desktop and portable printers; barcode data capture; integration with scales, PLCs and process controls; database triggers and procedures; server programs and enterprise software integration; production logs and reports.


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