Honeywell 3800g linear general purpose imager


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The 3800g is built to deliver world-class performance.

It’s ideal for a broad range of applications in retail, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and all points in between.

A perfect balance of performance, durability, ergonomics will enable your 3800g to deliver years of hassle-free service.


  • 3800g general purpose
  • 3800gHD high-density
  • 3800gPDF PDF417info barcodes

Short Spec

Working range - 100% EAN:

  • 3800g: 0.5 in (1.3 cm) to 18 in (46 cm)
  • 3800gHD: 0.3 in (0.8 cm) to 8.0 in (20.3 cm)
  • 3800PDF: 0.3 in (0.8 cm) to 8.0 in (20.3 cm)

Decode Capability: 1D, Databarinfo, PDF 417info (3800HD, 3800PDF)


  • 3800GX5E: Keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement/direct connect, USB, TTL level RS-232, IBM, 46XX retail terminals, and Retail USB.
  • 3800GX4E: Keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement/direct connect, USB, and TTL level RS-232

Drop Specification: operational after 5ft. (1.4m) drops to concrete.

Key features

Class-Leading Performance
Improved depth of field, fast bar code reading and high tolerance to motion make the 3800g easy to use.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
Increases user satisfaction and reduced fatigue for greater productivity.

Intuitive Aiming Line
Thin, crisp aiming line for ease-of-use in scanning bar coded menus and densely populated documents.

Enduring construction, no moving parts to wear out, and full impact-resistant bumpers make the 3800g one of the toughest scanners on the market.

60 month warranty.

Product Tour and Video

Honeywell 3800g Product Tour

Honeywell 3800g Product Video

PDF Download

Honeywell 3800g datasheet

Honeywell 3800gHD datasheet

Honeywell 3800gPDF datasheet

Honeywell Handheld Scanners Guide


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