Grain seed company automates sack labelling

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A grain seed packing company was applying labels to filled sacks by hand on two lines.

The company wanted to continue with a current label printer and automate applying the labels.


The problem was how to apply labels to rounded sacks full of grain so that the labels would be visible when the bags were stacked one on top of the other.

This necessitated applying the label around the curved side of the bag.


The solution was to make a springy flexible label applicator head to hold the label in position across the path of the bag, then wipe it on as the bag goes by.

An Avery applicator dispenses the labels. To ensure the label is well applied it is blown down onto the sack before being wiped on to the side.

In the picture the label is just appearing underneath the roller on the left hand side towards the bottom of the sack.

A unique solution based on Avery excellence and Codeway expertise.


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