Codetrack despatches charts to ships' Captains

Navigation470x311A very large distributor of navigational and maritime information wanted to improve its service to shipping companies from its distribution warehouse.

Paramount, the need to ensure all boxes despatched contained each and every chart required for the voyages.

The multiplicity of charts coming in from printers made goods receiving reconciliation a very time consuming process.


Requirements included:

  • Highly accurate stock system.
  • Streamlined goods-in procedure
  • Labelling.
  • Fast, accurate picking.
  • Despatch records.
  • Interface to ERP system.


Codeway provided the complete system:

  • ASN and PO records from Oracle views
  • Bar code labelling of unidentified charts, most labelled at source
  • Goods-in matching by scanning bar codes
  • Putaway in bar coded locations
  • Version numbering of annotated charts showing new buoys and other changes reported by the maritime community.
  • Picking and packing lists from Oracle view
  • Optimised picking including latest version number checks
  • Despatch controls to eliminate errors and omissions
  • Results recorded via ERP system API calls

Mobile Computers
Honeywell Dolphin

Application Software
Mobile computer processes
Database server application
ERP interface

ERP System


Accuracy of deliveries, speed of response, increased productivity, and consistent labelling.


Codeway produces Codetrack application software to integrate the use of barcodes and mobile data with your business processes and computer systems in the most effective way.


To discuss Codetrack applications for your organisation, please email or call Katy Cocker on +44 (0) 1206 751300.

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