Codetrack Delivery and Collection

image When you deliver and collect any number of items a day, handheld computers and PDAs are great for keeping track. They also let you deal with problems as they arise.

The core modules in Codetrack Delivery and Collection are user logon, vehicle check, load deliveries, jobs/routing, delivery, collection, unloading, logoff.

Drivers have handheld computers running Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile on a GPRS/3G mobile network. Wireless communications occur in the background. Drivers can continue to use their mobile computers even when out of range.

Codetrack helps drivers deliver.

User Logon and Vehicle Checks

Drivers logs, receive authorisation, then register their vehicles and trailers. They check oil, water, screen wash, tyres, lights, wheel nuts, and so on. The checks are configurable and the process can be customised.

Load Delivery Details

Drrivers download delivery data from the Codetrack server. This integrates with the company’s order processing and scheduling systems.

Delivery times can be scheduled, and re-scheduled by agreement with customer.

They scan their consignments and sort out any missing ones displayed on their screens. The items can have barcodes or 2D codes.

An advantage of 2D codes is their capacity to hold all the essential data for the consignment, providing resilience against a network or computer failure.

Jobs / Routing

The driver selects the next delivery from a list.

There are three Sat Nav options:

  • Basic : the handheld presents the postcode to type into a Sat Nav unit.
  • Embedded: the handheld opens and displays the Sat Nav application.
  • Integrated: the handheld uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to the Sat Nav device.

The driver goes to the destination and confirms time of arrival.


On arrival the driver checks confirms it’s OK to deliver. If not, he selects the reason from a drop down and adds any explanatory note.

The driver scans the bar codes on all the items in the consignment, and sorts out anything displayed on the screen as missing.

The next steps are to check every item and record any damage, and to scan or record any recordable assets being delivered or collected.

To accept the delivery, the customer signs on the touch screen of the driver’s handheld computer. Alternatively, the customer sign his own paperwork and the driver takes a photograph of it.

In addition to its core processes, Codetrack can call up configurable tasks to support the company’s frontline processes and those of its customers.


  • Damaged Parts: scan barcode, record type of damage, take photograph.
  • Recorded Delivery: on screen alert, display instructions, scan recorded delivery note bar code.
  • Delivery Refused: select reason - missing item, wrong address, etc.

When “exceptions” such as a missing item occur, Codetrack generates alerts to the control centre for action, sending out emails and text messages as the company’s business rules require.

The additional tasks can be event and data driven, in accordance with business rules. This affords flexibility for the future, and makes it easy to provide differentiated services to customers.


The collection process is similar to delivery. Its scope is returned goods, scheduled and unscheduled goods, and returnable assets.

The driver scans or records all the items in the consignment for collection. When there is a discrepancy the driver can sort it out with the customer and record the outcome.

Collection may include a variety of configurable tasks including inspection.

The System

The system is a .NET SQL Server application. It uses web services for communication.

The handheld computers have their own databases, synchronising with the servers in the background. This means drivers can continue as normal in areas without GPRS or 3G coverage


Codeway produces Codetrack application software to integrate the use of barcodes and mobile data with your business processes and computer systems in the most effective way.


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