Codetrack consignments and avoid stock outs

image When customers use consignment stock, suppliers need to raise invoices and send replenishments.

The challenge

The challenge is to keep track of stock movements at many sites across the country.

The Codetrack solution

Codetrack Consignments is a simple, web based, real time solution. It does not need installation at each customer’s site.


Codetrack helps to avoid very expensive stock outs.

  • Manufacturers save delays and stoppages.
  • Retailers make sales they would otherwise lose.
  • Suppliers do not have to ship out goods on emergency delivery
  • Salesmen no longer have to go to customers’ sites to take stock and re-order using phones and paper.

The system

image Each customer has a handheld computer to record receipts from the supplier and issues to production and service departments. Storemen scan 2D Datamatrixinfo codes on the products.

The handheld has a GPRS radio to connect to the mobile phone network. It sends data to the web portal to update the database.

The supplier has accurate movement data to replenish stocks while customers have up to the minute stock records.

The supplier has a label printer to produce the Datamatrixinfo labels. These contain the product code, description, batch code, and date of manufacture.


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