Bottler blows labels on to outer packs 24 x 7


A supplier of mineral water needed to apply bar code labels to 2 litre bottle outer packs on a new high speed line. The solution was to blow the labels on to the sides of the moving packs.

Often the production lines run 24 hours a day. For such high demand factory requirements, only the best labelling machinery will do.


Major retailers expect correct bar codes on all items, cartons and pallets.

24 hour reliability

To meet this demand, Codeway provides labelling machinery that runs 24 hours per day creating the highest quality bar code print.

Label application at speed

Bottle blow

In situations where product is uneven Codeway has built special apply heads, to blow labels onto fast moving packs.

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This movie shows the air blow head on a high speed bottle packaging line. The head blows the label onto the pack (not shown). The blue airknife secures the leading edge of the label to the shrinkwrap and the roller on the right wipes the rest of the label down as the pack passes down the conveyor.


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