NiceWatch Integration Bedside labelling system


This is a case study from the USA that explains how Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton,Utah, used NiceLabel’s data capture and server facilities to print labels at the bedside.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center is a 211-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in Layton, Utah.

The hospital deployed a patient identification solutionthat included a POC (point of care) bedside labelling application.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center wanted a solution to tie patient identification information to laboratory specimens. The marking and labelling of the specimens had to eliminate any possibility of identification errors.


The solution was a robust and easy-to-use application that enables 2D bar code printing on patient wristbands using data from the hospital’s Healthcare Information System (HIS) and specimen ID label printing at the bedside using mobile bar code reading and label printing devices.

At admission, healthcare staff prints a patient wristband with human readable information and a 2D bar code that has embedded three or more of the patient’s unique identifiers.

The NiceWatch module of the NiceLabel Suite software filters the patient admission data from the hospital’s database and encodes the selected information in the 2D bar code on the wristband.

When a caregiver draws a blood sample from a patient, she takes the phlebotomy tools, a PDA with built-in scanner and a mobile label printer to the patient’s bedside.

At the bedside, the caregiver scans her badge and the 2D bar code on the patient’s wristband. Then she chooses the number of specimen labels she wants to print by selecting the quantity on the PDA screen.

The printed label includes human readable and bar coded patient identifiers, caregiver ID number and the time/ date the label was printed.

When the caregiver has collected the specimen and labeled the specimen container at the bedside, the specimens are sent to the lab for analysis.

The specimens are properly labeled with all the information required by the laboratory to reduce wrong-blood-in-tube incidents and accidents caused by incorrect identification of the patient.


This integrated patient identification and bedside blood collection solution increases patient safety in many ways: caregivers need less time to identify specimens properly; reduced transcription errors by caregivers and absolute confirmation of caregiver identification through 2D bar code data input; little opportunity to mix up tubes and containers with misplaced labels, which results in misidentified specimens.


The bedside labeling application used NiceLabel Pro to design the labels, NiceWatch to print the labels and Pocket NiceLabel to send label data to the server.

The St. John Companies, a leading supplier of patient identification products, deployed this solution at Davis Hospital.


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