Avery ALX 925 Direct Print and Apply

ALX924_475x397 Avery Dennison ALX 92x print engines can apply labels directly to the product.

Products must all be the same height on a line running at a steady speed of up to 20 metres per minute.

Codeway_ALX924direct_150x263Labelling extrusions at fixed intervals

Codeway installed the ALX 924 in the photograph to label continuous plastic sheeting flowing from an extruder.

It applies yellow labels at regular intervals.

A tacho triggers the labelling cycle.

Printing speed is locked to the speed of the line.

At the end of the line, the label DPlabel150x90triggers the heavy duty sheeter guillotine.

The ALX’s ribbon saving is a big advantage when applying long pre-printed labels with a small area for variables and a bar code.

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