Apple USB Keyboard Interface for Datalogic bar code scanners

October 12, 2009 Datalogic announced support for the USB Keyboard Apple interface on the following products:

QuickScan I QD2100 (all models)
Gryphon I GD4100/GM4100 (corded and cordless, all models)
PowerScan PD7100/PBT7100 (corded and cordless, all models)

Software releases

This feature allows USB connection to any Apple device, expanding the capablity of these Datalogic Scanning products to the world of Apple Computers.

Listed below are the Software Releases and the Serial Number cut-in date for each product:

  • QuickScan I QD2100: Software Release R969021 from Serial Number: ZR0017945
  • Gryphon I GD4100: Software Release R96-9022 from Serial Number: E09H35693
  • Gryphon I GM4100: Software Release R96-9052 (base station) from Serial Number: E09F37315
  • PowerScan PD7100: Software Release R96-9020 from Serial Number: ZP0007763
  • PowerScan PBT7100: Software Release R96-9024 (base station) from Serial Number: ZP0007667

The above software can be downloaded using Datalogic Aladdin™ Configuration Software. If you do not have the Aladdin Configuration Software, it can be downloaded at no charge from the Datalogic Scanning web sites.


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