RFID products

Scemtec HF RFID Loop Aerials

Scemtec® Loop Aerials are robust with proven performance for industrial automation.

Scemtec 3D Tunnel HF RFID Aerial Systems

Scemtec® 3D Aerial Systems are highly efficient tunnel solutions, using best specialised RFID aerial technology.

Scemtec SIR-2610 HF RFID Industrial Midrange Reader/Writer

The Scemtec SIR-2610 is a 13.56 MHz HF industrial midrange reader/writer built in antenna.

Scemtec SIH 2100 HF Portable RFID Reader

The Scemtec SIH 2100 reads, displays data and tag type. Can store codes scanned. Communicate to bluetooth device within 10m. With loop antenna and greater power it is ideal for multi scans.

Practical RFID Solutions

imageCodeway provides practical RFID solutions for identification and tracking. We advise on the the best technologies for the job, not least choice between RFID and barcodes.

ScemTag - detect risky events in supply chains

image15 April 2008 ScemTec have announced ScemTags, a ground breaking range of RFID Sensor tags. ScemTags are available with multiple sensors for collision/acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.  They open up many opportunities for monitoring goods in transport and freight networks €“ from the sender to the recipient.

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