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Codeway Automotive Engine Labelling

imageA car manufacturer wanted to automatically identify each engine coming down its assembly line with a bar coded label.Codeway built a special arm to apply the labels and synchronise with production. The movie shows the Codeway arm moves out to apply a label to an engine and then moves back for the next.

Avery Dennison LA-SO swing on label applicator

imageLA-SO is an optional pneumatic swing arm applicator for Avery Dennison's ALX 924/925/926 print apply engines. After an ALX prints and dispenses a self-adhesive label, the LA-SO vacuum pad picks up the label and swings it onto the product. Labelling positions are top, side and front.

Automated Labelling Semi-Auto Manual Feed

imageWhen you're already handling a product, it's a doubly good move to label it the same time. To do this efficiently, Codeway makes heads for Avery Dennison 64 to present labels to products in a convenient position.

Avery Kits for Standard Labelling Applications

image When you need a quick solution for product identification, promotions or logistics, look no further than a ready to use labeller complete with stand. Avery ALX kits print and apply as many as 120 labels per minute.

Avery Dennison 64 LTSI Light Touch Labeller

image LTSI light touch apply heads turn Avery Dennison 64 dispensing printers into automatic applicators. Avery 64 LTSI's are ideal for top labelling of packs and side labelling of cartons on medium volume lines. Labels up to 80 mm x 80 mm. Line speed up to 35 metres per minute.

Avery Dennison LA-BO blow on label applicator

The LA-BO applicator is Avery Dennison's solution for blow-on labelling. It applies self-adhesive labels to products with uneven surfaces and varying product heights. Ideal for food packaging.

Bottler blows labels on to outer packs 24 x 7

A supplier of mineral water needed to apply bar code labels to 2 litre bottle outer packs on a new high speed line. The solution was to blow the labels on to the sides of the moving packs.

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