Codeway Automated Labelling Systems

image Codeway offers twenty types of automated label system for production, packaging and distribution. We supply complete systems including automatic identification, apply heads, conveyors, process controls, applications software and business systems integration.

Avery Dennison Modular ALS Label Applicators


The whole Avery Dennison ALS family of label applicators offers you very high standards of build, performance and reliability. Its modular concept you lets you integrate a unit with your process and effortlessly exchange it for another member of the family.

Zebra Xi4 label printers

image Zebra Xi4 label printers are all metal offering rugged durability, outstanding print quality, fast print speed, long life and unparalleled reliability. Zebra designed the Xi4 series for heavy duty cycles in industry.

Codeway Automotive Engine Labelling

imageA car manufacturer wanted to automatically identify each engine coming down its assembly line with a bar coded label.Codeway built a special arm to apply the labels and synchronise with production. The movie shows the Codeway arm moves out to apply a label to an engine and then moves back for the next.

Zebra ZM400 and ZM600 Mid Range Label Printers


Zebra ZM400 and ZM600 mid range printers stand out in the price performance stakes. These full size metal printers offer 10 inches per second printing, rugged reliability, and many options to enhance productivity.

Avery Kits for Standard Labelling Applications

image When you need a quick solution for product identification, promotions or logistics, look no further than a ready to use labeller complete with stand. Avery ALX kits print and apply as many as 120 labels per minute.

Codeway Programmable Front and Side Labellers


Many cartons and trays need labels on two adjacent sides so at least one is visible in stacks. Codeway's front and side labeller applies labels printed by Avery Dennison ALX machines. You can set it to print and apply labels to front and side, front, side, or no side for each batch.

Zebra P4T Mobile Thermal Transfer Printer

imageThe Zebra P4T mobile printer produces long life labels that can last for 10 years outdoors in the field. Though lightweight, the printer boasts a heavy-duty thermal transfer mechanism. Zebra P4T printers can be upgraded to RFID.

Automated Labelling for Production Processes


image You may need special labelling heads when you have to print labels and apply them to items during production. Codeway has developed a variety of such heads to work within the confines of processing machinery. Applications include plastic mouldings, wooden profiles, and packaging film.

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